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Witnesses Mummies Of The Past: Guided Tour Language Of Signstravelsadaptado

The Science Park of Granada, surprises us with an incredible exposión, Witnesses Mummies Of The Past, which will remain open until September 2015, transporting us to the past, a great source of information, on lifestyle, diseases….

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The Mummies are a direct window to the past, an important source of information that science has used always looking for new ways for analysis. They are privileged witnesses. How we lived? How we were and what we fed? What were those societies?… Questions and more questions.
In this exhibition, the Science Park of Granada, offer a look at the Mummies to enlighten us about the culture of extinct societies and to better understand how their study because we have a lot of past data on diseases, feeding, rituals, technology, etc., many with little trace in the archaeological record.
The fascination that produce in us also assume an enormous educational potential. The Mummies They are a resource of great historical value, scientific and anthropological, are "dumb" witnesses that connect us directly with a past that we want to know better.

momias parque de las ciencias interior1, encourages you to discover your past in the Science Park of Granada with a Guided tours in sign language, for the 16 May 2015. Os mantedremos informándo de las próximas sign language guided visits to the exhibition “Witnesses Mummies Of The Past”.

On the website of the Science Park of Granada'll find all the details. Visítala:

Momias testigos del Pasado y Centro de Documentación Musical: Granada. 16 de Mayo

Salidas desde El Ejido, Almería, Guadix

Llámanos and informat. Asked by Carmen 625 107 650 on M ª Jesus 691 47 56 79. Also cater for Whats App. The enchanted inform.

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